Are you Sick of the 8 to 5 grind and wasting money on "get rich quick" internet marketing  products that don't fit the bill?

Imagine getting up Every Day

already KNOWING that all your bills

are PAID - I do it - and now, YOU can too

Hello aspiring marketer,

My name is Mike Carraway and I've been an online internet marketer since 1996.  I have something really exciting to tell you about today, but first... check out this video:

It's 1:02 pm and I'm just now getting to "work" and having my "morning" coffee - there's no rush for me to get to an office,  there's no morning rush hour traffic on the road right now even if I did want to go somewhere, I don't have to worry about bills, or making my "boss" mad or anything.  

I go to bed when I want, I get up when I want. I vacation and travel when I want. In fact, it doesn't matter what I do – my income sources keep cranking out the income whether I am here, in Italy, on a cruise, at the beach or what ever...

My usual day consists of getting up and logging into my different accounts to see how much I earned while I was vacationing, goofing off, playing golf or out to dinner - or just sleeping.

Trust me - I DO NOT sit at my computer all day working.

some examples of my personal Passive Profit Machines:

I have to admit this here and now - - I DID NOT get these results from one hour of work. Or even a month of work. It took me some time to scale these up and get them to where they are now. The secret is that I used the right models.

But...  it wasn't always this way...

Before I ever got to this point, I had to learn some hard lessons.  I used to be like you, worrying about making it to the job on time, trying to please my boss and co-workers, trying to just find the time in a day to do the stuff I really wanted to do -  all that stuff - and I struggled for a long time to change it.  

You see, like you,  I had some bad information that people had given me and some beliefs that were holding me back.  Many of these things I had to "unlearn"...

"REVEALED: the MYTHS, the LIES, and
about making money online"

MYTH:  You have to SPEND money to MAKE money

You hear all the time that you have to "spend money to make money".  All that does is make your wallet lighter without making you any richer.  The result is that you end up spending more and more money without making any money and at the end of the day, that's the exact opposite of what you WANT to do.

MYTH:  Hard work will eventually pay off

People tell you that you have to "work hard" and that "hard work" will eventually win out.  What if you have bad or outdated information?    You could work on the method forever and it'll NEVER make you any money.

And - hard work takes time - and if you are spending all of your time on hard work, that leaves you no FREE TIME to do the things you really want to do.  If you follow this path, you'll miss kid's sporting events, you'll miss vacations, you'll miss out on time with friends and family - the very things that you want more of - not less of.

MYTH:  Focus on one method until it works

Some of the so-called "guru's" would tell you to pick one method to generate online income and stick with it until it works.  As fast as the internet is changing, picking any one method almost guarantees that the method you choose will become obsolete and ineffective.  That means that all the time and money you put into that method will be wasted and you'll be starting over - from zero.

So instead of building up an online income, you end up wasting time on a method that could dissappear between the time you go to bed and the time you get up in the morning...

MYTH:  You just need to learn more stuff

If you search enough, or waste enough money on enough "internet marketing" courses, you'll see a pattern to them...  they always seem to lead you to another "secret" that you need to know.  

Learning the next so called "secret" takes more money and even more of your time.  And in the end, those courses and "guru's" make you do the opposite of what you want - they make you waste more of your time and money.

LIE: Trading Time for money equals Passive Income

FACT : any time you have to trade YOUR TIME to get income – it is NOT passive income. That is called work. I have researched this topic for months now and some people will tell you that doing consulting work is “passive income”.  They'll give you several examples of ways to make money and call it "passive" but ALL OF THEM require YOUR TIME and that's hogwash.

Passive income means one thing: you set something up once and you get paid forever with no additional time or work required. If you want to increase the amount of income you receive, that will take additional time and set up, BUT, you just do it ONE TIME.

Let's cut to the chase and let me give you everything you need NOW rather than wasting any more of your time...


Passive Profit Machines

What this 49 page, no fluff, ebook will teach you and show you how to do is put several different passive profit machines to work for you. You can start every one of them in your spare time.

None of them require you to stop what you are doing now, none of them require to you give up your J-O-B.  In fact, you can continue doing what you are doing now and just add these into the mix.

The whole point is to be able to create income sources quickly and easily that will ADD to whatever you are doing now.

Here's what you are about to discover:
  • 1a step-by-step plan for finally setting up passive income streams so that you can reach financial independence with no more stumbing or getting stuck along the way

  • 1why most people fail at internet marketing, why most courses out there will NEVER help you, and how passive profit machines will help make sure YOU succeed

  • 13 passive profit machines that require ZERO investment to activate and ZERO ongoing work to run, but will keep paying you over and over - forever.     

  • 14 passive profit machines that only require simple domain name and hosting account - no "secret skills" to learn and no "studying complex methods" so that you can start setting them up today without buying any additonal courses.

But that's not all. There's a lot more...

bonus  Every additional online resource you need to put these passive profit machines to work for you - and best of all... They're all FREE.

bonus   Links to even more tools, shortcuts, and optional resources you can use if want to SUPERCHARGE your passive income efforts.  These aren't required - but I have included them so that you'll have them if you want to try them out.

bonus BONUS passive profit machines - I added these in so that you could see how easy it is to multiply your income sources and that you continue to ADD TO your monthly income.

NONE of these extra resources are required to get your passive income streams set up and working for you, but I know that some people require a bit more instruction - so I have included where to get it.

WARNING:  this is the Truth about Passive Income

Every one of these passive income sources require some setup.None of these are so-called "push button" income sources.  In fact, if you see that anywhere else, you should immediately be suspicious of anyone that tells you that it's push button.  

All internet marketing methods require some effort.  I'm just being honest with you and not trying to make you believe something that isn't true. That means you have to do the work at least ONCE.  After that, these passive profit machines will send you money every month -  month after month.

Scalable Passive Income Sources

These Passive Profit Machines are also SCALABLE – which means that you can add to and increase them as much as you desire.  While I only have 7 of these set up and working for me - YOU can duplicate them as many times as you like and have 14 or even 21 different income sources!

This will allow you to continue building these Passive Profit Machines up over time so that, sooner rather than later, your primary source of income can be hands free passive income.

A REAL world, simple plan

What Passive Profit Machines WILL DO for you is give you a real world, simple plan for achieving multiple passive income sources.

I want you to BELIEVE that it's possible and that YOU can do it. Believing is the first big step.

I'm not going to stop with just my book - I'm going to GIVE YOU more...

One of the most POWERFUL Passive Profit Machines I am going to show you is creating and selling your own information product.

BUT - if you are NEW to all this and don't feel comfortable with creating a product and building a website to sell it - I am going to make it super simple!

I am GIVING you THIS product and website

I am going to also give you permission and the rights to sell THIS product, and give you everything you need to do it.

That's right - MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to Passive Profit Machines.

And - I'm going to give you this website and the download page too. All you have to do is download, put in your payment links, and then upload - it's that simple.

Passive Profit Machines Reseller website

It's just my way of giving you every conceiveable EDGE and another way for you to set up another powerful passive profit machine.

I love seeing people Succeed

Ask anyone who has ever worked with me or who has gotten help or assistance from me. They'll tell you that I do almost anything I can to help people break out of the pack and get ahead - FAST. I just love seeing people succeed - it's exciting and very gratifying and gives me a huge sense of purpose.

Cory's comment's about Mike


You CAN do it.

By now, you know how much I care about others succeeding and you also know that the courses and the methods I teach are responsible for many successes of fellow marketers.

Are you ready to make a difference? Are you finally ready for real success?

Roadblock: Doubt and Disbelief.

It's true. One of the biggest reasons that most people never succeed online is because they simply don't think it's possible. For many people, the idea that you can "make money without working" is so foriegn to what they have been taught all their lives - it's simply unbelieveable.

I am about to change all of this for you and show you the real path to online success, security, and independence.

Almost every single book, guide or system you find would normally cost you $147 to $197 and they would show you how to implement only ONE METHOD.

Passive Profit Machines DETAILS all 7 passive income methods and shows you how to start TODAY.

There's nothing left out...

ONE Large Pizza?

Better yet?  It's not $97 or even $147.  Instead - you can get your hands on ALL SEVEN of these passive income streams for about what you would pay for 1 large pizza.

Here's your chance to be FREE from the 8 to 5 J-O-B.

Click this button and let's get started now for only $27.00:

buy it now
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Start building your own Passive Profit Machines. Let's both take this amazing journey together.  (you get it all as an instant digital download - even if it's 2am!)

100% guaranteed MY SIMPLE PERSONAL GUARANTEE:  Get my book, read it, and DO what I show you, and you will begin receiving monthly checks. It's really that simple. Set it – forget it.  You have a full 60 days to use and put this information to work for you at NO RISK to you.  I take all the risk - you get an IRON CLAD 60 Day money back guarantee.

I look forward to hearing of your success in business and in life,

Once in a great while, a tremendous opportunity comes along and you stand at the crossroads wondering what to do. You can stare at this page, read the comments and reviews, and wonder... and then go back to doing what you have been doing and nothing will change....OR...

You can choose NOW to do something different. You can choose your own path to financial freedom. You can make a real difference in your life and start feeling the chains of 9 to 5 bondage slip away.

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